Blood Wars is a collection of 8888 warrior NFTs, separated by one thing, their bloodlines. Join the war between heroes and demons and embark on a journey through the blurred lines between blockchain and reality.

Each NFT provides detailed utility and is part of a story created in the world of manga. Join our discord now to understand more, and interact with many anime fans around the world.



Join the fray, be part of our blood band, and may we be victorious with you on our side

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Road to Glory

Phase 1: Pre Mint
  • Establish art direction
  • Secure Marketing
  • Hire team and launch community hubs (twitter/discord)
  • Release the warrior collection in September 2022
Phase 2: Post Mint
  • Airdrop NFT’s to the community and to event winners
  • Listing on Rarity Tools and other top NFT calendars.
Phase 3: Explore Our World
  • Introduce the world of Katharsio, including manga creation and character profiles
  • Showcase manga storyboard, apparel and Anime trailer
Phase 4: Time to Give Back
  • 1 x 10k Giveaway in USDC
  • 100 x Exclusive posters given to holders
  • Launch Merchandise and Apparel
  • Real life events and meet ups
  • Community wallet launched


The Founder
Discord Developer
Community Manager
The Advisor